Year-End Reflection: Counting My Blessings

The year is officially over and I have been busy as a honeybee making changes both in my personal and business life in preparation for an even bigger, better, and more egregious 2018. On this last day of 2017, I sit here at my office at Emquartier, feverishly typing words into my computer whilst downing profuse amounts of M150, trying to recap the events of the past 12 months. Heading into the new tax year, I am long only 2 stocks; PEGI, which just paid a dividend for Q4, and GSUM, a small cap Chinese company imbrued with the characteristics of a stock that could explode higher quickly and without warning. I sold out of IPGP before year end for a small gain but will probably regret it shortly as it looks like it wants higher. At the end of the day, it’s just money anyways and there are things of greater importance to be grateful for.

Without question, this year has been all about the Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The bull and bear arguments surrounding cryptocurrency prices are both compelling and emotionally fueled, and have unintentionally spawned a new class of decadent speculators – folks with zero prior investing experience turned ICO experts overnight. At one point we witnessed prices higher by 2,500%+, and in the process prompting reputable and prominent figures to go ape-shit on live TV over heated discussions of these digital coins. In due time, many will be dealt their lesson in humility, as they learn that asset prices also do occasionally go down, not just up.

The new president of the United States is behaving exactly how everybody expected; unpredictable and entertaining. I entered the year a supporter, but no longer am. I remember the turning point vividly, which was the decision early summer to shift focus to war – a stark contrast from his pre-electoral campaign statements months before.

My biggest accomplishment in 2017, unquestionably, was moving back to Asia, after a year and a half break in Canada following a series of failed business projects in Japan. Going forward, I will fail many times more, but not in the same way twice.

The highlight of my year, and what made it special, decidedly, were the people that helped me get through it. In the past few months alone, constructive relationships, both old and new, have been forged and strengthened, and unproductive ones abandoned and forgotten. I look around me now and I am surrounded by truly talented people, people whom I hope I can contribute to their future success, and them to mine.

Heading into 2018, I am in no shortage of optimism, replete with insatiable amounts of fervor and energy. Financial markets will take the back seat as I move towards a portfolio of slower moving dividend paying alternative energy stocks, with the occasional small cap lotto pick – dictated by market conditions. I am a fan of the markets and always will be, that will never change. More importantly, we are in the midst of one of the biggest technological booms in AI, machine learning, and blockchain technology, witnessing it unfold in real-time, and I’d be remiss if I wasn’t involved.

I start the new year juggling 3 main projects in front of me, whilst conjuring up ideas for more. I see myself as merely planting seeds, some of which may never bear fruit, but the ones that do will be well-cultured, succulent, and oversized. Partnerships will be imperative in carrying out these plans, and I endeavor to grow my network of entrepreneurial minded people that understand the concept of a win-win relationship. With the right mix of people, ideas, and timing, next year perhaps I’ll catch a bit of luck, and maybe even a little more.

Some punk once said; luck is where opportunity meets preparation, which carries some essence of truth, so keep moving forward and always expect the unexpected. 12 solid, productive months is all it takes to change your life forever.