I Was Wrong on PEGI

As a money manager, it is an egregious sin to allocate funds into underperforming sectors. For someone living off a dividend that is tolerable, but that does not describe me. Perhaps I may be right in the end on PEGI but I am not waiting years for it to play out. The alternative energy sector is dead and will be for awhile, who was I trying to kid?

This mistake can be set right with a few smart moves. Effective immediately, my long term portfolio will change from a completely passive one, to an outright winning one, consistently growing. The long term mentality will remain in tact, but my stocks will have to be innovative, on trend, and have massive upside potential. That said, I have sold out most of my PEGI position, leaving only a fraction of what it once was – the essence of it to remind me of what a stupid decision that was.

By no means do I intend on catching every zig and every zag in the cryptocurrency markets. It is my belief that the party will one day end and I do not want to be left with a ‘long term’ portfolio filled with crypto-toxic crap. For the time being, however, I will enjoy it, and speculate trading crypto related stocks in my personal account.

The new theme is as follows:

-Large cap+ ($10 billion+)

-Tech – AI/blockchain involvement

-Stable & growing cash flow

-Growing dividend

I understand that by paying a dividend, that would exclude the stock from being ‘high growth’, and that’s fine. I’m not looking to catch the next parabolic move, but rather to be one of the ships raised with the rising tide. As of right now, STX is at the top of my list, for a sundry of reasons. Another idea is mega-cap NVDA, and although they don’t pay a dividend, their GPUs are imperative to making the AI and blockchain/crypto ecosystems function, aka they win no matter what. I have the patience of a saint and will be buying both on any dips.