It is my duty to inform you that the said dog in the Chinese zodiac this year is unlike any before. Not only has she stopped accepting gifts of gratitude in anything other than Bitcoins or shitcoins, but she also has an insatiable thirst for oil and will see to it that crude rips straight through $100, and more. You have been warned, and would be wise to reshuffle your portfolio accordingly.

Unfortunately for me, I am stuck here with a stock that could not be performing worse. Markets have bounced back off the lows, higher by 6% and a touch below all time highs, yet my SLCA is up a paltry 12% from where I got it. For goodness sake, this stock should be up 500%, or maybe 600% by now. Give a player a break.

Nevertheless, my gameplan is simple, and I will continue to pursue it unwavered. Mega cap tech stocks will continue to do fine, but their gains will be milquetoast compared to whats going to happen with oil and cryptos. Granted, AMZN is the one exception and should be purchased at any price and with both hands, as they proceed to control all aspects of retail from their makeshift ball-shaped jungle in downtown Seattle.

COHR and OLED are actually looking attractive down here again after seeing their share prices cut by 1/3. Despite what the media is saying about abysmal iPhone X sales I am seeing a fuckload of them around. The OLED revolution has just begun and you play it via OLED and COHR.

There is no shortage of fuckery going on right now and one must tread carefully when venturing out into the muddied waters of the crypto fields, as it is littered with land mines. ETH and BTC are your tell – wait for strength there before trying your hand at those little blockchain stocks.

Top Ideas: ETH, WAVES, SLCA, HCLP, OSTK, and a sprinkle of DPW.