The Ultimate Play On Online Shopping; MYSZ

I have searched high and low, scavenging through the dark corners of the market of public companies to find a decent crypto play to invest in. I found many interesting ones, with OSTK and TEUM being my favorites, but on the whole the industry is filled with trap doors, companies run by misfits trying to fake their ways to riches off ‘the blockchain’. Everywhere I look there are dynamites going off – crypto wannabe companies run by CEOs that are sketchy as fuck and undeserving to be at the helm of a public company. RIOT used to be interesting until they started hosting annual meetings that never actually took place. I used to like DPW until I delved further into their story, which from what I gather is essentially a node in a string of companies run by the same guys, circulating purchase orders to themselves through different companies. There is nothing wrong with giving orders to other companies you own, but in this case the numbers just don’t add up. Plus, the CEO has taken investor money to try build some degenerate ‘swingers club’ in the past and if it’s happened before it could very well happen again.

So I decided to meander away from the crypto space and back into a place of comfort – tech. Let’s talk about my latest investment; a small Israeli company called MYSZ.

These guys caught my attention back in January, but I simply disregarded them as just another app – superfluous and irrelevant to the big scheme of things. Just as I did so, however, the cadence and swagger of the CEO caught my attention and I liked what I saw.

MYSZ is an app for taking body measurements, done all from the comfort of your smart phone. By opening the app, you effectively transform your device into an airport security magnetometer, allowing you perform a security pat-down on your own person – which in turn produces your body size on the app. Then you take that size and head to the online shops and buy your favorite clothings off Zara and H&M, reducing chances of misfitting to zero. A rather trivial application, won’t you say?

But wait.

70% of all online returns are because of wrong sizes, a market worth several hundreds of billions. This is a huge problem and even AMZN has tried to solve it recently with their Amazon Prime Wardrobe which allows you to try on different items and return them for free. Kind of an odd concept, but you’d be surprise how many people are too damn lazy to walk themselves over to a real store.

Enter MYSZ.

They’ve spent the past few years perfecting their tech and getting retailers to sign on. Now the tables have turned, and it is the retailers that want a medium to use so that they too can know the sizes of their customers. Furthermore, data is king and MYSZ holds all the info of all you online clothes shoppers. I like to think of them as the Opentable for retail. Ask those guys how they did.

Right now, MYSZ sits at a $28 million market cap – a comical amount for a public company. Granted, there are other competitors but none are up to par with MYSZ. This makes them an ideal buyout candidate, particularly for the large retailers looking for an advantage – Alibaba, AMZN, etc.

My guess is these guys go ham this year, lacing deals with large clothing retailers all over the world. Every teenager and adult boy and girl will have the MYSZ app installed on their phones, enabling them to buy clothes seamlessly from remote parts of the globe, and MYSZ will establish themselves as the benchmark in measurement.

I say MYSZ gets a buyout offer within 12 months.