Trend Predictions: Next 3 Years Out

On occasion, it is good practice to step into your time machine and try to anticipate whats coming.

The following is what I predict will happen between now and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics:

  • Price of oil drops back below $35/barrel and North American oil companies begin defaulting on debt
  • Sophisticated robots start to replace assistants/secretaries in many large companies
  • Fully autonomous cars are approved to be sold to the public in the US & Japan
  • AMZN trades above $1,400
  • BABA trades above $300
  • USD continues to weaken slowly
  • Vancouver, Canada real estate prices continue to rise, screwing over locals
  • Regulation is approved for drones that can transport humans.
  • Indoor drones will become a trend and a tool for helping humans work
  • Myanmar real estate prices collapse as government tries to intervene
  • A new generation of plane technology will be a ‘game changer’ in the airline industry
  • Augmented Reality devices become mainstream like smartphones in the early days
  • Machine learning & AI related stocks will lead the markets in gains
  • Bangkok real estate prices will continue to rise as middle class booms
  • TSLA trades above $500