There’s Always A Bull Market Somewhere

I have not been sleeping much as of late, getting as little as 2-3 hours of shut-eye per day the past week. The reason is not due to jet lag, but simply because there has been so much to do. It is not all work, mind you, as I have been liable to meander off in the middle of the night for a quick Thai massage, which at times works as a favorable alternative to sleep. Note that the above sentence was written with full understanding of the perverted undertone that may be implied, but take comfort in knowing that’s no longer ‘how I roll’. I’ve already done 2 lifetimes worth of that shit (half joking).

I spent the afternoon at my office in Bangkok, feverishly researching new ideas – generally how I like to spend my surplus time. I typically start with a trending industry, and after a bit of reading and skimming through conference calls, I have a handful of companies lined up to be further explored. This is what’s making the world spin nowadays:

Semiconductors are hot, spearheaded of course by NVDA because those guys are hip, young, and cool. Arguably, AMD has also got their swagger back after being on the receiving end of downgrades for years. They make GPUs that happen to be efficient in mining cryptocurrencies and deep learning – the craze nowadays. AMBA makes the micro-chips that go into the small cameras on your drones, gopros, and spy cams, and NXPI owns the market for near field communication, letting you pay for stuff by tapping your phone. Then there’s SEDC, who sells the brains that goes into all solar panel installations. Need robots to do dangerous shit like shut off gas valves? UCTT has you covered.

Ancillary to that; lasers. COHR, MKSI, and IPGP are changing the world by using lasers to make things. People are getting tired of making stuff with stone and hammer so this bodes well with their dream of 3-hour work days. Primarily, their main role is to support the guys above who need precision in making semiconductor chips, evident by the 50% YOY revenue growth they have been experiencing as of late.

Too lazy to leave the home and would rather shop on your mobile device? W is your online alternative to Ikea and STMP will help those guys print labels for shipping. Don’t forget AMZN, who guarantees delivery within 30 minutes of clicking buy for those fortunate enough to live near Cambridge, via a fleet of drones they have buzzing around the skies.

Lasers help the chip makers make smaller and more powerful chips. The chips are then used by technologists to make better algorithms and faster computers, which in turn empowers online businesses with the intelligence they need to trick you into buying shit you never really wanted. That’s the gist of the mechanization of today’s society, and will continue to work that way until it doesn’t. Click on any one of those names and you will see a chart that only goes up. God forbid the stock prices of any of those go down.