Thai Big Oil Companies Diversify Into Dim Sum & Coffee, Among Other Things

According to the folks over at PTT, Thailand’s largest energy company, clean energy – namely electric vehicles – is killing their business and their future looks rather gloomy. So gloomy in fact, they have been assiduously looking for other sectors to invest in, most notably cafes, coffee, and for the love of god, DIM SUM products.

Being the largest gas station operator in the country, they initially ventured into the cafe business as a means of filling vacant space they had on their gas station properties, and branded these cafes AMAZON. These cafes launched at gas stations country-wide and quickly gained popularity, most likely in part due to their cool yellow and red parrot logo.

After suddenly realizing electric vehicles are the future and the oil business sucks, they started adding more resources to these cafes, landing deals with local chinese restaurants to sell dim sum products at their cafes. (Wtf?)

That’s not all. Since then, the Amazon Cafe brand has taken off and people go bananas for that coffee. As a matter of fact, people now go to their gas stations not to fill gas, but rather to get a cup of freshly brewed AMAZON COFFEE, then speed off in their electric powered sports cars. Amazon Cafes got so popular that they started launching in department stores and malls, and people are lining up for the privilege to become a franchisee. In that respect, it looks like this oil giant has a rather promising future ahead.

The moral of this story? Anything named ‘AMAZON’ is destined for unparalleled success on a grandiose scale.