Finding My Flow This Year, All day, Everyday

‘Flow’ is defined as being in a state myopically focused on a given task. So focused that you lose awareness of time, your surroundings, your appetite, and even the construction workers drilling holes in the ground and behaving like animals outside your window. By the time you realize it, the sun has set and risen again, but you curiously still have plenty energy left for more. People in this state are never to be messed with, as they are liable to toss hot coffee into your face without even realizing they did it. Generally, this happens when your goal, and the repercussions of achieving it, are clear, and you both believe in it and have the ability enabling you to complete it.

It has been presumed that work done in the state of flow is profoundly more effective than work done simply as duty, by a factor of many multiples. That would imply that one caught up in the hypnotic state of flow can produce more in a day than one working without heart can in a week. I tend to believe this, since half the time people spend doing things they don’t want to do is spent youtubing and facebooking anyways.

Many studies surrounding this subject have been vigorously and thoroughly conducted, but there has still been no secret sauce found to achieving it. This technique cannot be taught, and it is the task of each individual to figure it out for themselves during the course of their lifetime, and do something great with it. The ones that can figure it out rise to the top, and fast, as their productivity proves to be valuable and unrivaled.

It is my personal endeavor to spend as much time in my day as humanely possible in this very state. That is not always easy, since we are creatures of pleasure and are easily distracted, but even getting a few solid hours every day in flow would make it all worthwhile. Over time, I have come to realize that in my personal life, that this is best achieved on a slightly empty stomach, in a public, genteel environment, where short walks can be taken intermittently to digest information. Hence, I hereby declare on this small corner of the internets that on every day in the year 2018, I will spend a minimum of 3 hours a day, preferably more, enthralled in this deranged state of constructive perversion, disconnected from the rest of the world, like a pair of Bose headphones. This in itself, will prove to be a monumental achievement for me, as I am in the business of ideas and productivity is key to the brainstorming and execution of said ideas.