Shin Chitose Airport: Still My Favorite

My short trip through Sapporo began and ended with food. The Japanese know their stuff when it comes to food, and the delicacies out of Sapporo are without question second to none. Not only is their seafood world famous, but they are known also for their curries, lamb BBQ, premium beef, desserts – all that good stuff. Naturally, it may seem I am merely talking my own book, as I am in the business of selling this stuff, but believe me when I tell you indulging yourself in the delectables of Hokkaido is a must-do in your lifetime.

There was a time in my life where I used to love wondering around huge airports. I used to love airports like Changi International, where you can run around and get lost in their factitious gardens and browse through all the over-priced shit they have for sale without ever buying anything. Now, its fucking annoying. Particularly when you have a ton of luggage you have to lug up and down escalators 50 times.

Major international airports are cool, but they are so repetitive they get boring fast. 95% of the shops are aimed at luxury buyers, and are generally always empty. Why would I be buying a Coach wallet at an airport? Perhaps I forgot my wallet at home? I’d rather buy that shit on AMZN, and have it sent to me via drone. Nowadays those airports are just an outlet for the country’s tech giants to test their new technology, and send robots to mingle with the human travelers.

Shin Chitose is not too big, not too small, perfect sized. The best part, is ALL their shops are selling desserts, sweets, chocolates, and delicacies, instead of all that high-end crap. Just when you think its over, you ascend up the escalator to the airline counters, THERE ARE MORE chocolates, pastries, and cakes waiting for you – all scented with Hokkaido melons and fresh strawberries. I always spend a fortune passing through there, as the sales staff are all so skillful in their ways, shoving spoonful samples of cheese cakes down your throat, making you want to buy 5 to take home. This time was no different, and I ended up buying boxes upon boxes of shiroi koibito cookies, with a side of Royce chocolates for the ‘long plane ride’ to Canada, where I’ll be for the next 3 weeks. For goodness sake, I bought enough to last me a whole month.