Risk On

I’ve had a slow start to this week, due to slight sickness. I’m feeling a lot better this morning, however, having spent the better part of yesterday devouring medicine and taking naps.

The risk on trade is clearly back in the markets, evidenced by strong Chinese markets and NASDAQ back at highs. European markets are knifing lower every day, a result of the fuckery going on in Spain, but other than that everything else is looking strong, particular tech. As such, I bought some GOOGL calls yesterday, in between naps – 972.5 strike expiring this week at $3.60. So far, it is performing alright, trading at about where I bought it, after being up near 100% at one point. A move through 980 by friday would make my week.

Moving on.

It’s been barely 9 months since I was last in Bangkok and it seems like the landscape around Sukhumvit has changed yet again. I am getting an inflow of info on new condos just being completed, and plans for new ones to be constructed. As long as they can squeeze out a large enough land plot around Sukhumvit Rd, they will build another fucking high-rise condominium. The roads and traffic in and out of the building will be figured out later.

I will be taking a look at some of these upon arrival in Bangkok, as I have been eyeing some condo units for purchase for some time now. The middle class in Thailand is growing, and fast, and Real Estate is always a stable buy in a reasonable market. Plus, I would be using it during my time there too, which is multiple times a year.

My head is killing me right now so I think I am going to spend the balance of the day sleeping, drinking herbal teas, then sleeping some more. Tomorrow, I will wake up feeling 110% and its back to business.