First Post: Reflection and goals

Some many years ago, I was told by someone I respected to write a blog. Not for others to read it, but as a channel to write down ideas and to review things learnt and mistakes made. I tried a few times, but quit almost immediately each time. I failed back then to realize what my goals were, and why I wanted to keep a journal in the first place.

A few days ago, I was listening in on a workshop on goal setting. I started thinking about my own personal goals, and suddenly realized that my long term goals were very unclear. Many of the projects I started have been left unfinished, and the ‘me’ that I had imagined myself 5 years ago is still far from reach. I have always despised the weak minded that succumb to laziness – the overweight chap who buys a yearly membership to the gym and stops going after a month – but had become one of them without even realizing.

In my life, I have been fortunate enough to experience living, working, and running businesses in different countries from an early age. I have never worked a full-time job in my home country after becoming an adult, but that has allowed me to be open minded to different cultures of business and not get grounded into one particular way of thinking. I have met people from all different walks of life along the way; some of whom I respect immensely, some who have helped me on my path in life and business, some who inspired and challenged me, and even some who have back-stabbed me without warning or sense of guilt. I lost a lot, learned a lot, and then lost even more, but that is what makes me so optimistic about the future today.

The difference between the person I am today and the person I want to be are defined by goals and habits. Goals need to be clear, precise, and most importantly, have an expiry date, which can then be formulated into a game plan of good habits that can be honed daily.

Up until now, my goals have always been short sighted and naive. I made and lost fortunes without batting an eye, and had no plan on how I would establish my place in this world. Nothing of real value has been created without years of loyal dedication and I don’t want to be a person who’s worth came and went with the season.

The first habit I decided I want to develop is to actively document my progress in the form of a diary or journal, which touches on goals related to both communication and reflection. A diary is cool, but I can see myself losing interest and giving up after a month. To stay motivated, I went ahead and registered a domain. Ideally, this will become an essential part of my life.

My goal is to put out at least 2 posts, weekly, for the next 3 months. In doing so, I hope to develop a mind for storytelling and effective communication, create time for active self-reflection, and develop the perseverance and self discipline necessary to do the above, and more.