Recap: End of Q3, Back to Asia

Today marks the last day of Q3 of 2017 and by the looks of it I am sanguine about what looks to be both a challenging and propitious Q4. Important parts of my long term plan have begun to materialize, albeit just baby steps forward in the big scheme of things.

The summer months this year were at best considered lackluster; event-less for the most part as I spent most of it thinking, planning, and then thinking some more. The most significant recent developments in my life, however, occurred in the waning weeks of the summer, as I made profound changes to my lifestyle and habits – of which results I am already beginning to see come to fruition.

This blog.

I began this blog roughly a month and a half ago to chronicle my experiences as they unfold. My purpose was to stimulate idea generation, develop a mind for acute communication, and document decisions made and lessons learned. It has now turned into an almost daily routine for me, becoming a monumental practice of discipline – I can’t give up now that I’ve started, nor can I succumb to the pangs of procrastination. Furthermore, it is not only enjoyable but also engaging, as I can watch myself grow in real-time.

Health and Goals.

My day now begins and ends with exercise, albeit nothing too intense. I stretch and do basic calisthenic exercises, and when I can, do some meditation via headspace app. In total, this takes no more than 10 minutes but puts me in positive spirit. In addition to that, my day also begins with reviewing goals – of which include health/sports, relationships, and business, consist of both long term and short term goals, and all have expiry dates – so that they are in fact goals, and not dreams.


Reading is incorporated into and also a vital part of my every day. Books, news, and select blogs of people I admire. That’s it. I no longer read ‘business books’, as they tend to get repetitive, and try to focus on other non-fictional material, like biographies.


I try to write down all my ideas whenever I can. I endeavor for 10 a day – most can be crap, but it doesn’t matter. The next step is to write down what the first actionable step would be in achieving that goal, which is where most of the ideas fall apart if they are bad. This blog was one of them. The first step was to register a domain – I did and here I am now.

Asset Management.

In February 2016, I incorporated a Canadian company with the mission of using UAV technology to help in precision engineering. More specifically, we wanted to use drones to do terrain mapping of sites that will be used to plan transmission line designs. After a few small jobs, we realized stringent regulation made in difficult to operate and that plan got set aside. In the process of trying, the company eventually turned into a consulting company for transmission line design and today has stable monthly income. In early Q3 this year, I’ve taken on the task of investing that revenue stream into the markets – something I’ve been doing for a long time. My goal with this account is to be risk adverse, and look for growing, dividend paying stocks in stable industries – all of which will be documented here.


Q4 and onwards.

In exactly 2 weeks from now, I’ll be back in Asia – Japan, then Bangkok shortly thereafter. The plan is to live in Bangkok for at least the next half year to work on a sundry of business projects which I will discuss in more detail.

My schedule for the remainder of the year will involve a lot of travel – Jakarta for a few days in November, then Qatar in December. Granted, my travel plans often times don’t go as planned, but that’s the schedule at least for now.