Partys Over. Time To Leave These Suckers Behind

We all have a tendency to take the path of least resistance – the quickest path to living a lavish, hedonistic life while putting in as little effort as possible. For some people this is their sole purpose. Their dilatoriness invariably takes over, and their goals are traded away for shortcuts and some near sighted pleasure. This is particularly common among those born into riches. Their laziness consumes them and corrupts their integrity, and they often take on an insidious and duplicitous form. These people are dangerous, because if given the chance, they do not hesitate to steal ideas or take credit for work you created. They want someone else to do the work, while they deceitfully take the praise, and want to do that over and over again until they get punched in the face.

Your only defense against these characters is your prudence, and that only works when coupled with experience. Focus on their action, which is much more consistent, as opposed to their words. Typically, these people are always wanting to be on your team, showering you with praise about your abilities and how you would make such a great combination. Their goal, naturally, is to leech off your success. True cellar-dwellers of the first order, if I may add. They enter partnerships thinking solely of their own motives, without any intent of contributing, and their characters are so flawed from the inside that they don’t even feel any sense of guilt.

I’ve come across many of these characters throughout my lifetime of business partnerships. Some ended badly, some not so, but in all cases I am completely content with never having to see any of them ever again. Their relationships will cause you more grief than good, and there is little if any upside involved with up-keeping their friendship.

Unquestionably, they make shitty entrepreneurs. They generally prefer to talk about spending money rather than making it, and when doing business and investing they think in numbers, not on how those numbers are achieved. Businesses exists for customers, not the other way around. Customers don’t buy from you to give you a profit, they buy from you because you are solving a problem.

Today, I’ve had enough and decide to call it quits and leave K and the rest of those fish humpers at MT behind. It was a rather easy decision to make, but I took some time to reminisce of time spent with K, which began some 3 years ago. They were mostly unpleasant and I always assumed the role of a baby-sitter, constantly on the lookout for him. I left on rather bad terms, telling him politely to ‘fuck off’ and never speak to me ever again. It will be much better off that way. Not for him, but for me.

The partys over and its just a matter of time before this company folds. It’s time to move onto bigger and better things.