NEO For The Win, Bigly

Markets are soft and Trump is starting trade wars with yet another country, what else is new? The days of unfettered and easy gains are over and you’d be wise to diversify out of capital markets and into the whimsical world of cryptos. You don’t even need to have the slightest idea of what goes on over there. Just take comfort in knowing that unlike your real economy, the future of the crypto coins is bright. So bright, in fact, that you’d best be wearing your finest pair of shades when you buy them.

I’ve been quietly accumulating NEO coins over the past week and will do so perpetually into the future. There are many things to like about the NEO project, such as it being the Ethereum of China, yadda yadda – but the real reason to own this as an investment is because of the dividend. No, it doesn’t pay out dividends like a stock every quarter or even every month – it pays out dividends every 30 seconds. Yes, a few times every fucking minute, which means you actually get paid in direct proportion to how long you own it.

I can go on and give you an acutely bullish pitch on why NEO is destined to trade at a kazillion dollars per coin but now is not the time nor the place for that. I have a plane to catch early in the morning and have much sleeping to do before that. Rather, I’m simply going to log off and let you figure out how it works on your own.

Enjoy the balance of your day.