Minions On The Wall

I just got back from Penang and had the pleasure of meandering about the mean streets of Georgetown on my few days there. People typically don’t spend much time in Georgetown, but rather go to Penang to eat durians, look at monkeys, and relax at the beach – in that particular order, of course. I find no amusement in doing any of the above, and spent most of my time sauntering about Georgetown in search of some Penang style debauchery.

One of the things Georgetown is known for, other than having a superfluous amount of durian shops, is the street art produced by the talented local artists. Every nook and cranny in the town is filled with artistic surprises. I have no idea where these guys learned their art game, but they certainly have some natural flair. Apparently, they shipped in some freelance artists from Europe some time ago to scribble on their walls for sport and it grew from there.