In The Midst Of New Year Festivities, KBank Unveils Their Latest Strategy; Certain To Garner Market Share

After months of late night meetings and careful consideration, KBank has finally decided to ingratiate themselves to the requests of their customers, revealing their latest product line; Pokemon debit cards. No folks, this is not a joke, nor an early April fools of sorts. As a matter of fact, they believe in this card so much that they bought out all the ad space on an entire train, littering it with pictures of Pikachu’s and Bulbasaurs.

Bangkok BTS train doors plastered with pocket monsters, courtesy of KBank

Now, I actually used to have a business account with these guys, and must say they do have quite better perks compared with other banks, but pray do tell, whose idea was it to come up with this? I suppose this is to create branding among grade schoolers for when they open bank accounts 5 years later? What kind of grown man can confidently whip out a PIKACHU debit card and pay for dinner with his date?

Perhaps I shouldn’t stigmatize – there are a lot of people out there who would like nothing more than a pocket monstered debit card for Christmas. But mass marketing? If they were selling a real Pikachu, I would understand. A child would cry and complain and their fathers would buy it for them. But this is not for the child. This is for the father to stick in his wallet alongside his business card – the pride and joy of a man.

Forget about elite class private banking gimmicks. Your pokemon cards can do all of that, plus much more.