Hurricane Threat Over, Markets Rip

I’m sitting here in the Regus offices at Seoul Center 1 and I can tell you this is the nicest Regus office I’ve seen yet. One of the benefits of being a Regus member is they give you access to offices and boardrooms all over the world that you can use at your own discretion, which is a huge advantage if you find yourself traveling a lot for business. Their plans start from under $100/mo and I can personally say my experience with them has been fairly positive.

In other news, the CNN storm chaser guy has taken off his waterproof gear and is reporting wearing nothing but a T shirt, suggesting the worst of hurricane Irma is behind. The damage was nothing near what was expected, albeit aftereffects and collateral damage have yet to be assessed. Global stock markets rallied hard on this news, particularly in the financial sector as people last week sold insurances companies in anticipation of the complete destruction of Miami. Miami is still fucked, but investors were positioned for worse.

The next leg higher in this rally is imminent, if not now. Markets always move the fastest when the most people are unprepared. You will want to own stocks like NVDA, GOOGL, AMZN, AAPL, FB, NFLX, PCLN, QQQ and anything and everything related to AI and machine learning heading into the winter and into next year as what’s in motion will typically stay in motion.

Commodities look like they will be range bound again for awhile. Gold sold off hard again, because it sucks, and is precisely the reason I’d never own it. Gold could trade to $2500 and still be considered cheap, but could also trade down to $10 and still be expensive. Commodities are commodities and trade solely on supply and demand, having intrinsic value that is essentially zero.

Back in Seoul, Pyeongchang 2018 is all the rage. Advertisements are everywhere as there is only 150 days left to prepare. In 2 days i’ll be heading out east a bit past Pyeongchang to see some clients. Perhaps i’ll find something interesting on the way.