Lusail, The City Of The Future

When a lot of people think of the Middle East, they think danger – never-ending wars and fueled by greed and corruption. This concept is buttressed and aggrandized by media, particularly North American media, who report nothing other than terrorism and political chicanery coming out of the Arab region. This is one of the reasons I will never watch American or Canadian news – they take far too biased and narrow minded stance and report heavily edited versions of reality. Just watch international news sources from Europe, The Middle East or Asia and you will quickly notice a difference in tone.

The truth is the Middle East is filled with Ferrari driving folks who are seeing an unfettered appreciation in wealth, nations as a whole, and are able to do this subtly and without attention as the media smokescreens their success with news of war. Times have changed and the deserts are no longer controlled by warring janissaries and mamluks, nor is pearl diving the primary source of income for wealthy nations like Qatar. There has been much development in these lands, particularly over the past 10 years, and their economy has gone from 0 to 100 real fast.

Doha, November 2017. None of this existed 13 years ago. It was pure desert.


Futuristic cities have sprung up out of nowhere, and hardly anybody is talking about it. They have the capacity and ability to build brand new cities from nothing, with the advantage of using the most modern technology while avoiding systems that didn’t work. In the city I’m in, air conditioning is nonexistent. Instead, they use an advanced water cooling system that ostensibly works better, but is impossible to implement elsewhere because it would be too expensive to change to now.

Slightly north of Doha, there is a brand new city under construction, dubbed Lusail. There is a slightly eerie feeling driving around there, as every and all devices and equipment there are too smart, advanced and efficient. Street lamps are shaped like UFO ships and undoubtedly sport more functions than just providing light.

The city is being built up simultaneously, and without pause. Not one building at a time, but rather an entire downtown skyline is rising up in tandem. From a distance, it looks like a fully developed metropolitan. Upon going closer, you will notice the buildings are merely skeletons of structures, with teams of construction men working feverishly to complete it. In 5 years from now, this will place will not only be recognized globally, but will be sought out and chosen as a place to reside in the Arab world.