LockTrip: A Coin With A Solid Application

I am a man of cryptos now, and only cryptos. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even looked at the stocked markets in over 3 months, and could not care less where it goes from here. I’ll bet that nothings changed and the economy is shit other than NVDA, AMZN, GOOGL, etc.

Having said that, the entire crypto market has been on a rout, dropping 10% a clip almost daily. Yes, I am having my rear end handed to me in my holdings, but it does not matter as my systems continue to function as they should, buying and selling shit and lighting fast speeds. Despite a massive depreciation in investment value, I am still up 50% over the past 3 months using a near risk-free approach.

But nevermind that, lets talk about one of the most interesting projects I’ve come across yet.

The cool thing about this new ‘economy 3.0’ group of business people is that for the most part the effort is community based and open source, meaning outsiders are free to contribute and mingle with the business team. This is equivalent to having unrestricted access to board room meetings of publicly traded companies and being able to ask stupid questions and yell at management whenever you please. What this also does is show you the capacity of the management team, their ability to deal with critics, and their propensity to achieve set targets. When chat rooms are overcome with talk about boosting coin prices that is an immediate red flag, as it shows management is either unfocused or unable to control the misfits making noise in their room.

Most of my free time is spent nowadays in these chats, learning the different business models and conversing with management about their vision and how their shit is supposed to work. Keep in mind, most of these projects are nothing more than a proof of concept, and are scheduled to come into fruition sometime within the next 24 months, where they will actually become apps or services that customers can actually use. Also keep in mind that 99% of these crypto coins are absolute garbage and are run by a bunch of miscreants from the comfort of their local Starbucks.

That said, I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of projects that actually have interesting ideas worth exploring are run by either Chinese or Russian teams. That’s just the way it is – their blockchain education is years ahead of the rest of the world.

Sticking to that theme, I stumbled across one project that caught my eye while skimming through whitepapers; LockTrip. They are a small project, market cap of about $7 million, with ambitious goals of stealing business from online travel agencies (OTAs) – forcing them to ‘bend the knee’. I was immediately impressed by management and their authoritative demeanor, quick to show troublemakers the boot all the whilst swiftly hitting targets set. Albeit there are a few other blockchain projects aiming to do this, LockTrip is years ahead. In fact, you can already book hotels worldwide on their website at prices 20-30% cheaper than booking.com, expedia, agoda, or any other OTA – and I do.

How are they able to do this, you ask? Well without getting into too much details, taking advantage of a decentralized economy – which is what blockchain technology provides – the project itself doesn’t need to be profitable, meaning they don’t take the 20% mark ups that the other OTAs do when sending patrons over. The team gets paid by the appreciation in coin value – which will happen as demand for the coin increases when people start using their service to book hotels. So in terms of an investment – worse case scenario you are left with tokens that can be used to book hotels on the cheap – not bad at all.

Quietly and ever so gingerly, I have been accumulating at $0.87/coin over the past few weeks, just to get some exposure to this project. If this catches on, it will get moving quickly. A market cap of a billion $+ for projects like this is not unrealistic, and should that scenario play out it would value this coin north of $150/coin. That’s the upside. The downside? Well, use them coins to book yourself some nice hotels.