Believe it or not, the above has tremendous popularity in South East Asia, perhaps due to the tendency of people to put lemons in every drink here. Personally, I couldn’t tell you if it was good or not, since I am not a consumer of alcohol, and as a matter of fact, I have no clue what it even tastes like. What I can tell you is that a week or so ago, we had the opportunity to meet the fine folks who created this artistic and exquisite beer, based out of Tokyo, and have to some extent secured exclusivity to sell this beer in Thailand.

Consequently, our office is now filled with cases of samples for handing out. For now, they are sitting there idle, and will have to for the time being as we finish hammering out some minor details pertaining to pricing and the shipment of this heavenly beverage. Once that is figured out, we will be dispatching an egregious sales force, the most elite the world has ever seen, mind you, to go round knocking on doors with the sole purpose of having every citizen of this country chugging down lemons mixed with beers – a combination fancied by the gods themselves. Care to have a sip?