KLIA2 Revamped, and Looking Rather Impressive. Other LCC Airports To Follow Suit

I flew over to Kuala Lumpur today for lunch and a little shopping. I have yet to put together my visa dossiers and am in no particular rush to do so, and as a result have to make frequent and meaningless trips outside the country. I must say it is rather troublesome, but a temporary situation nevertheless. My go-to place for these ephemeral getaways has always been Kuala Lumpur. Generally, I go there, have lunch and a quick saunter, then go back.

I have harrowing memories of KLIA Airport being excessively and unnecessarily cold. Those guys ham the AC up way too high, far beyond the point of discomfort. It is impossible to sit still in one place for more than 5 minutes without freezing your ass off. It’s like waiting inside a refrigerator for your plane to arrive, and I am sure many other travelers that have been through KLIA would buttress that opinion.

KLIA2, on the other hand, is the LCC arm of the Kuala Lumpur International Airport and has always been under construction until just recently. They probably actually completed the renovations a few years ago, I just haven’t been back in awhile nor paying attention. I remembered it to be a deserted, off-reach place disconnected from KLIA that Air Asia passengers had to deal with in return for being able to travel frugally. I passed through there today and was shocked to bear witness to what I saw.


They’ve rebuilt KLIA2 to be a top tier mega center, quite impressive if I may add, fully equip with state of the art technology, a hotel, and 3 levels of quality shopping and eateries – features unheard of from any LCC airport until now. In fact, I think this may well be my new favorite airport now, even ahead of my beloved Shin-Chitose. I could’ve spent the entire day there, since I was going into Kuala Lumpur city center to hang out at similar looking department store complexes anyways.

Back in Bangkok, I am hearing of similar plans of exorbitant ambition scheduled to take place at Don Mueang Airport, Bangkok’s version of KLIA2. They have new infrastructure including a new train line that is almost completed, and bigger and better shopping will be added shortly. Gone are the days of walking out to the tarmac under the blazing sun to board your LCC flight. The next generation of LCC airports will be even more enjoyable than the regular ones.