Investing in the Cosmetic Capital of the World

I have been spending quite a few number of hours each day researching the business environment in Korea, as I prepare to meet some clients there early next month. Through my findings, I came across a cool VC platform on a government-sponsored site. The site lists a whole slew of start-up businesses in a wide variety of sectors who are looking for funding from investors.

I don’t know of too many other platforms that try to connect Asian venture companies with international investors, so I was immediately drawn to it. The listings are current, updated every month or so. Curious, I spent the better part of the past hour browsing through some of the company profiles. Some of the ideas definitely need work and are asking for ridiculous amounts, but a handful are incredibly interesting and definitely worth checking out.

This is the link to the Invest Korea Market Place.

I will definitely be revisiting this site from time to time and will probably try get in touch with some of these companies next month.