I’m Going To Be One Of Them Now

Generally speaking, people who talk to strangers are fucking nuts and I make great efforts to avoid them at all costs. More often than not, they either want something from you, are simply lunatics, or have something to sell you in some way, shape, or form. Being a man of diplomacy, I choose to take no part in that degenerate behavior. Nobody wants to genuinely be your friend. Or so I have learned to believe.

I arrived back in Bangkok from the Middle East at an odd hour and spent the night lying awake, a million ideas passing through my head. Among other things, I thought of my relative in the Middle East, and about what it was that allowed him to achieve such remarkable success in his lifetime. Many people would chalk it up to luck, and say he was in ‘the right place at the right time’ – being that Qatar was a country of ‘pearl divers’ with absolutely nothing when he first arrived, and now they are rich as fuck, allowing them to build brand new cities for fun. The economy took off right when he arrived, making him the result of nothing more than good fortune. That is flawed thinking, and will leave you being the fat kid sulking in the corner, envious of the other kids playing. Those that have made it know that placing yourself in the presence of luck requires great skill, hard work, and preparation.

Perhaps the element that stands out most about this gentleman is his acutely extroverted personality. He presents himself in a respectable manner, striding around and speaking confidently, yet is always jovial and lighthearted and enjoys his life immensely. He can kick off conversations with random strangers, and for reasons unbeknownst to me, not appear as a deranged lunatic, but rather as a distinguished gentleman sharing a story or two with others. Perhaps it is his confidence, or perhaps it’s the swagger in his step. Nevertheless, people listen when he speaks, and his conversations all have a little bit of heart.

For introverts like myself, speaking to strangers is a complete waste of time, as it leads to future conversations with people we’d rather not see nor hear from again. Thinking about that mindset for a minute, that’s precisely the reason introverts have problems articulating their thoughts. We have a million ideas in our heads but often times opt not to share them. It’s not that we have a problem talking to people, it’s just that small-talk gets boring fast.

From this day onwards, I’ve decided to join the crazies and converse with random strangers. Not because I sincerely care about them – quite the contrary, but rather to train my introverted spirit to be alert for opportunities that may come my way. I want to be ready at any given time or day to pitch an idea, build strategic networks, or even deliver a fucking speech – and this is how I will start.

I woke up this morning with that explicit intention, and chatted up everybody I came across. Passer-bys in the elevator, the receptionist, the bellboy, the driver, the house cleaners, and even random fucking strangers at the mall. I will now openly voice my opinions, even if that entails stepping on the toes of others in the process. I went through an entire day with this attitude and let me tell you, I couldn’t feel better. In 6 months from now, I will be jaunting down the street, yelling random shit at complete strangers. An extrovert with that persona would be nothing more than an annoyance, but as an introvert, that would be a remarkable accomplishment.