As Markets Languish, Hunting Falcon Prices Slowly Creep Higher

Being a man of the markets, I took particular interest to the business of falconry, a trade unique to Qatar that dates back centuries. In the past, falconry was serious business, as families and villages often times relied on falcons to hunt for them and bring them food. Training them requires skill, and a special type of doctor is needed to nurse them. Nowadays, it is done merely for sport, but there is still widespread demand for these birds. In fact, their value has considerably risen over the years, with some of them fetching north of $300,000.

Behold, the falcon market:


Across from the falcon market is a fully equip falcon hospital, a hospital with higher standards and better service than many human hospitals I’ve seen. Here, you bring your falcon after it’s been injured trying to hunt something it wasn’t supposed to hunt. Doctors will fix it up for you, but it won’t be cheap. Lost a few feathers? They have some spare ones.