Heading to Japan and Korea Amidst ‘Fire and Fury’

I’m scheduled to go to Korea and Japan in a week. If North Korea continues at this pace, launching 4 missiles in 4 days, we should be at an all-out war by then.

Northern Japan has been on lock-down since the missile launch yesterday, as its citizens are being told to hide out in bomb shelters via 3 decade old blowhorn speakers placed around the city. Granted, some might feel this is an overreaction, but perhaps taking precautions are necessary as North Korean missiles are notorious for falling prematurely out of the sky. Stock markets were also down, for a whole 3 minutes, in response to the missile launch.

On a more serious note, watching the drama with North Korea unfold over the past few months, it would be no surprise to me to see the current North Korean regime coming to an end in the not-so-distant future. Firing a missile over Japan is a huge no-no for many reasons. North Korea knows that and has deliberately avoided doing so for years, aiming their bullshit missiles and satellite launches elsewhere. It’s cute for awhile to see the US and NK jawing back and forth, but when 3rd party innocents are nearly injured due to negligence, it suddenly becomes real. You can be sure as hell that Japan and S Korea won’t stand around and watch, as they have the most to lose if this escalates.

An experienced leader, one composed of his emotions, would never jeopardize his position with a move like this in the political game of chess. Frankly speaking, many nations around the world hate the US equally as they do NK and would be indifferent to their feud if it wasn’t for the peripheral damage that would be caused from the scale of weaponry used. If Japan were to be damaged, intentionally or not, NK would face immediate repercussions both from allies and neutral nations alike, and it would not end well for them. The notion that they are hell-bent on ‘testing’ the US in different ways, coupled with the fact that their missiles are still in ‘trial’ mode, paints a clear picture on their capacity to last should shit really hit the fan.