The Entire OLED Industry Is Trading Like Shit

I sold COHR at $262, booking a quick loss in the process. The entire OLED industry is trading like they invented the plague, knifing lower on a daily basis, based off some weaker than expected iphone X sales reports. iPhone X isn’t the only smart phone implementing OLED technology, but nevertheless that is not my argument to make. For now, path of least resistance is lower.

Moving on, I added to SLCA at $33.50 and more at $33.20. Shale exporters are ramping up production and fracking companies are charging 60% more than they did 18 months ago. I expect vertical upside action, 2014 style, sending this stock straight through $100 and more. I remember the days back in 2014 trading SLCA quite vividly, like it was yesterday. It went up and up unabated and without pause, as they quietly and ever so gingerly distributed their sands across the country.

I am still waiting for DPW to explode the fuck higher on some egregious news of better-than-expected crypto mining activity, or whatever those guys are doing. Out of all those micro caps trying to ‘pivot’ and position themselves as ‘blockchain companies’, DPW is probably the only half decent one with a legitimate plan. Plus anyways, all they really need to do is get on a conference call and whisper the words ‘blockchain’ to see their stock rocket through $10. How difficult can that be?