Done With The Markets For Now

The AMZN trade proved to be a profitable one, albeit nothing major. I closed out my calls for +38% and will spend the balance of the week away from the markets. My speculative account will likely remain in cash for some time, as I shift towards a more active schedule. I do however, enjoy entertaining a large cash position as it gives me the flexibility to partake in short-term price swings via options at opportune moments.

Exactly 2 days from now I’ll be back on a plane to Asia, and if my plan pans out as expected I won’t be back in Canada for quite some time. Going forward, I expect more of the same in North American markets – tech stocks fetching higher prices unabated, with violent gyrations every so often. My long term portfolio filled with high yielding utilities and energy should continue upwards in a more controllable manner, to which I will continue to expand with new fund inflows and dividend payments.

There are many compelling stories I am tempted to take a gamble on, many of which revolve around the concept of AI, robotics, autonomous vehicles, deep learning, OLED, and their ancillary businesses involved, but rather than investing in a story I’d rather trade momentum on whats working. I understand option trading can be tricky sometimes as an ill-timed trade can wipe out an entire position, but I now view this account as nothing more than an annual bonus rather than a way to make ends meet, removing the stress and more importantly the emotions from the trade.

In another sense, investing in industries unrelated to my core thesis of AI/deep learning does hold some merit, as they are the end users and the true beneficiaries of the proliferation of this new technology. An ideal scenario would see me using the innovation of stocks I follow in business endeavors in real life, half way across the world. Perhaps that’s where my real opportunity lies, being that cultural arbitration is both what I understand best and find most enjoyable.