Cryptos in Full Collapse Mode. Here’s How To Respond

My position in DPW tanked today, hard, riding the coattails of crypto prices down into the sewers. Normally, I would sell out of $2 stocks like these on first sign of weakness, primarily out of fear of being left HODLing a bag of shit. However, we are not living in normal times. Weakness today can just as easily mean new highs next week, and crypto-nerds will be back to buying new mansions to house their new s9 antminers.

On a more serious note, I suspect DPW is scheming an ICO sometime soon – modelling their business after something similar to the likes of minerone. How else can you explain the purchase of 10,000 new crypto mining machines per month. Whether this is a good idea or not is not the issue, let’s just hope these fuckers know what they’re doing.

Elsewhere, my company portfolio is completely out of tech, as that market is overheated and we are in the heart of earnings season. I own one stock and one stock only, a most egregious fracking company, positioned to make a kings ransom off higher crude prices. Speaking of which, the SLCA chart just produced a super rare ‘centaur’ formation, certain to send share prices screaming higher.

Prepare for higher prices ahead.