Cryptos and Oil: Theme for 2018

2 weeks into the year and so far off to a good start. The PEGI losses in my company portfolio have all been offset, and more, by STX over the past week and that said portfolio is up a cool 22% for the year so far. Believe me when I tell you, STX is just getting started. 15% of the outstanding float is short and you are about to witness a short squeeze of grandiose proportions.

stx chart

Speaking of which, something is brewing over at GSUM. This stock that normally gets 350k volume has been doing 1.5 million plus the past few days – suggesting insiders and speculators alike are positioning for glorious days of unfettered winning up ahead. The 25% run you saw this week is comical, a mere tease of whats to follow. These guys have a lock down on the AI space in China. The stock price could triple and still be cheap.

gsum chart

In other news, RDS broke through $70 today, much to my dismay. I have been bullish on oil for some time now but clearly missed the boat on big oil. Not is all lost, however. With oil back around $65 and strengthening quickly, North American oil co’s are back in business, which means fracking will be back in demand. Frackers have been dead money for the past year but they look like they’re slowly getting their swagger back. SLCA and HCLP are my favorite but smaller cap EMES has the look as well.

hclp chart

slca chart

Stay diversified. Investing is not all about cryptocurrencies and 1,000% returns.

Off to go eat a box of multi-colored macaroons.