It’s The Festive Season Again; No Shortage Of Entertainment In Bangkok

It’s Christmas time again and in Bangkok the festive spirits are in full bloom. I have a lot to be grateful for this year and this Christmas is indeed going to be a remarkable one. We don’t get any snow here per se, but Christmas tunes are blasting every corner you turn in the city, and that has myself as well as many others feeling rather warm and fuzzy inside.

emquartier christmas

On the other hand, we do have fake snow and polar bears, and a sundry of other large inanimate objects to keep ourselves acutely entertained. Shopping centers and condominium lobbies are festooned with monster-sized Christmas trees and people are gallivanting around the streets without a care in the world. This is nothing unusual as this season always has people feeling a little giddy. Bitcoins drop $4000 in a single day only to explode higher 24 hours later as degenerate gamblers drunk off spiked wassail buy ‘the dip’.

Speaking of explosions, it seems Mt Agung is finally erupting. Residents of Bali have been warned and evacuated months before, and as of yesterday 100,000 more have been forced to leave. The whole place is covered with fresh mountain ash, which kind of sucks since I was considering a quick trip out there to ‘chill’. Naturally, the other citizens of Bali that are not fazed by nearby volcanoes erupting have their cell phones out and are Facebooking and Instagraming that shit explode in slow motion. For goodness sake, the damn mountain even has a Facebook page, filled with a bunch of miscreants posting selfies of themselves frolicking around the eruption site. It’s all fun and games until an over-sized igneous rock lands on your face.