The Importance Of Changing Up Your Karma

I like to think of my life the same way I would think of a stock price – fluctuating with peaks and valleys in good times and in bad. Naturally, the goal is to steamroll through the highs while moderating the lows. Just like a stock, the low in the cycle is usually defined by a catalyst that is both unexpected and seemingly irrelevant, but changes the flow of luck and karma in your favor. Likewise, the peak occurs when things are going so well you feel invincible.

Everyone can outshine when times are good. We instinctively fill ourselves with hubris, forgetting about the misery we endured to get through the last valley and turn a blind eye to the risk laden road ahead. The true ability of a competent manager is measured during down-cycles, through the decisions they make to reverse the flow of luck back into their favor.

One of the the best ways to create some change when things aren’t going well is to hop on a plane and go somewhere. Traveling is something you can never waste money on as the act of simply placing your person in foreign territory alone will sharpen your senses a hundred times over and widen your scope of common sense, an experience you cannot get from a place of familiarity. If you can, live overseas for some time, and you will see a new perspective of your home that you would never have thought of before, changing your approach to work and life when you return.

Nowadays, I make it a point to do something every single day that I wouldn’t normally do. It could be talking to someone I normally wouldn’t, going somewhere new, joining a group I normally wouldn’t, or even saying shit I normally don’t and seeing how people respond. Most of the time I do this for sport, but in the process keep my mind guessing, never settling into a mindset of comfort. Granted, it is hit and miss, and sometimes I immediately regret going to some of those places or talking to some of those buffoons, but for the times it hits, the relationships and opportunities you create as a result are invaluable.

I have spent almost every single night this week out, satiating myself with fine foods and alcohol late into the wee hours of the next day with folks I either just met or hardly knew. Relationships to me, like everything else in life, is a game of numbers. For every 500 people I meet and exchange niceties, 450 I will never see again, 49 may become friendly acquaintances, and if I’m lucky I’ll make one real friend or partner. In this one week alone, venturing out and partaking in acts of tomfoolery with strangers, I’ve learned that I can ham up those numbers, creating opportunities out of nothing just by simply showing up. It’s a game of numbers anyways, so why not just throw darts in all directions to see what sticks? Besides, there’s nothing more thrilling than bonding with strangers through shared ideas of lunacy.