• doha-skyline

    3 Month Review: Setting New Goals

    3 months have passed since I started writing this blog and it is time to take stock of progress. During that time, I have witnessed website traffic grow by many multiples, creating a small base of readership to build on going forward. Truth be told, I could care less about that, as that is not […]

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  • song-do

    Recap: End of Q3, Back to Asia

    Today marks the last day of Q3 of 2017 and by the looks of it I am sanguine about what looks to be both a challenging and propitious Q4. Important parts of my long term plan have begun to materialize, albeit just baby steps forward in the big scheme of things. The summer months this year […]

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  • reflection

    First Post: Reflection and goals

    Some many years ago, I was told by someone I respected to write a blog. Not for others to read it, but as a channel to write down ideas and to review things learnt and mistakes made. I tried a few times, but quit almost immediately each time. I failed back then to realize what my goals […]

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