Bought The Movie Pass Lotto

A lot of reshuffling is scheduled to take place this month – we move into our new offices this morning (I am leaving now to get the keys, despite still sitting here typing this), and I myself will be moving to a new condo as well early next week. The new office is literally a skip, hop, and a jump away from my current place of residence so I am in no rush. Generally, I embrace change with open arms, and use it as motivation to stay alert and focused, never getting too comfortable.

In other news, I opened a position in HMNY at an average price of $9.96, which will serve as my lotto ticket for this year. In 6 months from now, this stock will either be $150+ or less than $3, true degenerate style gambling with the odds, unmistakably, on my side. I like the direction these folks have planned for Movie Pass, accumulating big data through users for the prospect of analyzing it and making it useful for others in the industry. I have seen it work first hand, and understand the potential. That said, with the risk inherent nature of that business plan, coupled with a crazy CEO with a questionable history, this stock could go either way. I like my odds here though.