First off, do not mistake me as one of the crypto-speculator breed. They are without class nor common sense, and will one day be blown to smithereens with their HODL mentalities. But for the time being, let me take this opportunity to talk to you about the up and coming Waves crypto, in all its glory and splendor.

The gist of it is that Waves is a platform built to help non-technical people get set up with the blockchain seamlessly – including storing digital assets and conducting ICOs.

As of today, Waves is probably the fastest blockchain available. To put that into perspective, the Bitcoin blockchain can only handle about 7 transactions per second, which is why it takes so damn long to send Bitcoins nowadays. The ethereum blockchain, which is arguably a much improved version of the Bitcoin blockchain, can handle about 15 per second. Waves on the other hand, can handle 100 transactions per second, with scalability to 1,000 in the near future. This means it can handle major volume without issue, making it ideal for ICOs,

Multi currency wallet, including fiats. This isn’t particularly unique to waves, but it’s nice to have a fully functional platform offering liquidity back into fiat currency, without having to transfer it around through different wallets and exchanges.

It has been egregiously difficult converting cryptos back into fiat currency, as the transition requires a gateway. Waves has figured a way around this via the use of atomic swaps.

Along with the Waves platform comes a decentralized exchange, built right into the interface. Granted, the volume at the moment is laughable and is no where nearly as large as the major crypto exchanges around the world, but when this picks up steam, and without question it will, the decentralized nature of it will make it very attractive. The matchmaking on Waves remains centralized for efficiency, but the trades themselves are decentralized. Simply put, the decentralized aspect of it eliminates exchange spreads that vary from country to country, allowing all participants worldwide to buy and sell at the same prices – solving a major problem that exists today.

Here’s where it gets interesting. With a single click through the user interface, one can create their own cryptocurrency. In doing so, that newly minted currency is automatically available for trading on the Waves exchange, eliminating the need to apply at exchanges to get listed – ideal for any ICO.

Last but not least, GET PAID TO HOLD.

Instantly and at will, you can lend out your Waves to Nodes that engage in mining, earning you a return on whatever balance in Waves you have. Typically, Nodes earn about 1% a month, in which they share a portion of that with you for ever so graciously lending them your Waves. 1% a month is absolute drivel so forget that. Here’s the real reason you should own Waves:

When ICOs are conducted on Waves, a portion of the newly minted coins are GIVEN TO WAVES HOLDERS, FOR FREE. Imagine owning a currency, say USD, and having cheques being sent to you in different currencies, just because you are a USD holder. Most of these coins will trade to zero and are not worth the digital space on your screen, but there are some that may be one day be of value. Do a quick search and you’ll see its quite normal for WAVES holders to earn north of 100% on their balance per annum, just by selling these free coins on the open market.

Since inception there have been 100,000,000 Waves issued, and not a single one more. They do not intend to issue more, unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, which constantly issue new coins into circulation, creating an inflationary environment. Now couple the above characteristics of this coin with a fixed monetary policy and there will be a massive imbalance when demand starts to pour in.

Furthermore, add in a badass CEO that spends his day soliciting hundred million dollar ICOs from big cos around the world and you have a blockchain destined for success, while shitting on all other blockchains. That’s why you should own Waves. Now here’s what it needs to take off:


If marketing efforts go well and Waves gains traction in markets like Korea, this coin will go ape-shit to the upside. The Koreans and Chinese are huge on cryptocurrencies and are constantly looking for something faster and more reliable. Ask any crypto-trader in Korea and they will tell you Bitcoin is shit; too slow. They’ve moved on to Litecoins and Ripple.