Bought COHR

One of my largest holdings, PEGI, got smoked today, off by the tune of about 4%. They have wind projects in Santa Isabel, the south part of Puerto Rico, which just got destroyed by cat 4 hurricane. None of PEGI’s assets there, however, were damaged, but the company did readjust 3Q earnings lower, which is likely the reason for the selling. Nevertheless, the long term outlook has not changed and I bought more at $24.39. The great thing about long term, dividend paying positions is you welcome lower prices, and simply add more on dips.

Moving on.

I bought COHR today in my personal account at 237.40 as an investment in laser technology, used in precision manufacturing among other things. The latest smart phones are moving over to OLED technology (think iPhone X), and other smart phone models will soon follow as OLED phases out LED. This means factories will be upgrading equipment to support efficient OLED production – in other words they will be stocking up with LASERS.

This is a trade on pure momentum, but nevertheless worth a shot. I think we see $320+ before year end.