Booked More Losses. Next Stop; CHINA

I booked more losses today – a continuation of yesterday, selling SLCA. Crude is shitting itself and the market is rallying, and I am not about to sit around and watch SLCA implode on me also. Losses this month so far have been on the heavy side, and I have given up most of January’s gains in the process. Needless to say, February has been a rough start, but it’s time to move on. On the bright side, it certainly could have been MUCH WORSE.

In my spec account, I picked up shares of CCIH at $1.47, for the win, of course.

In the company account, I’m playing it safe and replaced oil with BIG CHINA, picking up 500 shares of BABA @ $185.28. This requires no explanation and I intend on riding this through to $400. They own China and will very soon conquer the rest of Asia, shortly prior to taking over the world.

From here on out, the crypto market will be the tell on the direction of stocks, at least in the interim, so pay close attention to them bit coins. Speaking of cryptos, I have been stockpiling on Ether as it cascaded down into the $6-700s, and will continue to add more ether systematically, from now until forever. When I die I will leave behind an inaccessible account full of ethers, lost somewhere in the digital world, each worth a kazillion dollars.