Blockchain-Based Tools For Everyday Life & Cryptocurrencies

Over the past few weeks, I have learned an immense amount about distributed ledger technology and blockchains – a world which I hardly cared about before. The information flow is overwhelming, and I am flabbergasted at the pace this industry is developing. Effective immediately, I will be updating information and other findings to this very diary, and more importantly piece together opportunities one can exploit to create businesses or better their lives. In the meantime, here are some invaluable tools that can be used in everyday life that have been created as a direct result of blockchain technology:


Monaco is the first ever truly borderless Visa card. It works just like a credit card, but is based off the cryptocurrency MCO. Using MCO, you can spend it anywhere in the world in local currency that is converted at interbank rates, meaning you don’t lose any money on interest rate spreads. As most already know, you lose a significant amount swiping your card in other countries as the banks complete the transaction on your behalf at terrible rates, mainly because they can. In addition, you earn cash back on your purchases in MCO, as well as have a cool $500,000 travel insurance coverage to kick.


The most widely used decentralized social media platform. It operates similar to Twitter in a sense, but is decentralized, meaning it is not owned by anyone. It works on a reputation system where members can discredit trolls by downvoting them, and credit quality contributors by upvoting them. Being decentralized also means that the profits social media companies would be making off your information can be kept by you, the user, in the form of Steemer currency.

Until now, I have spent a fortune on lawyers that simply photocopied my documents, signed them, and returned them to me. I hated every second of that process and despised lawyers who are able to use the notary system as a license to print money. Now everything is moving digital, and although online notaries still exist, we can now certify documents for free, right on the blockchain.


The tool for artists and creators. Secure your work in the blockchain and track how it spreads over the internets. In doing so, you can license your work out to users who would otherwise be using that work for free.


A cool app for managing your blockchain assets. In other words, instead of having dozens of accounts and wallets holding different cryptos, you can consolidate it with exodus and their user-friendly interface.



I have no interest in cryptocurrency mining, nor speculation in this space – I save speculation for stocks which I understand and have an advantage in doing. Nevertheless, I’ve been all about the cryptos these days, and the following are cryptocurrencies I feel have potential going forward:

MCO: As indicated above, the Monaco card is something revolutionary that I think will gain traction fast. As more and more people adopt the technology, MCO will be a sought after and stable currency to hold, and consequently will see steady appreciation over time.

DATACOIN: A fairly new coin that was created by the folks over at Streamr. I personally have begun experimenting with the Streamr IOT platform and find it very useful and user friendly. Essentially, they operate a decentralized peer to peer network where users can provide real-time data using their own assets and sell it on a network of people who want to buy it. In other words, the data generated through the sensors in your car can be sold to someone else who may find that data valuable for other reasons. This transaction takes place in Datacoin, and with the IOT sector growing exponentially, there will be increasingly more sensors everywhere and people will want to own and monetize their own data.

ADA: Explaining this is somewhat complicated, as it is a blockchain built of a scientific philosophy. It was founded by a co-founder of Ethereum, a man with a high level of credibility in this space, who knows the weaknesses of Ethereum and endeavors to fix them with this new crypto. The gist of it is that they are developing a blockchain that is cheaper, faster, and more scalable than any other blockchain that exists today. These guys are gaining a lot of traction here in Asia.