The Bangkok Drainage System Needs An Upgrade, And Fast

Why is that boat posing as a fucking minivan, you ponder?

It may interest you to know that that is not a river, but in fact a street, and that transformation from street to river occurred inside of an hour. What’s even more curious to note is that within the next 60 minutes, all of that water will be gone, and it will revert to what it was before; THE ENTRANCE LEADING TO MY CONDO.

The second it starts raining, all the guards and security personnel immediately take out giant brooms and start sweeping the water to the side. They place sandbags in key areas so parking lots don’t flood, but the problem at hand still persists; the sewers are too clogged with shit for water to pass through. At this point, I suppose people don’t care. They can live with a little flooding here and there, but something needs to be done about the littering that goes on unregulated, else the problem will worsen.

If you peer over into a construction site for a soon-to-be high rise condo, you will notice the base is filled with plastic bags of leftover lunch and beer bottles. How it all ‘vanishes’ when the condo is completed is something I’d rather not ruminate about, but I can tell you with certainty that the majority of that garbage ends up obstructing the drainage system, forcing me to wait for waters to recede before I can go home – both unpleasant and unnecessary.