Back In Asia, Eventful week ahead

Back In Asia, Eventful week ahead . Yesterday, I stopped over in Tokyo to eat some sushi and meet some old bankster friends at the newly opened Ginza 6 complex. AI and innovation is more alive and rampant here than ever before as new bank branches now dispatch robots to handle accounts in place of flawed human bank tellers. These robots sport the latest AI and will not hesitate to punch customers in the face should they sense the slightest bit of trickery.

Every time I visit Tokyo, it seems to be increasingly more international. I remember a time not too long ago that non-Japanese speakers were treated like extraterrestrial beings – eschewed as if they brought with them death and disease. Nowadays, I am seeing plenty examples of folks, both young and old, eager to try out their newfound language skills. The cultural barrier between Japan and the outside world is still strong, but is progressively shrinking. Without question, the next generation growing up will be much better equip to compete on a global scale than their predecessors – an issue that is still clearly plagues big business in Japan today.

Bangkok, on the other hand, is still hot as ever and it feels good to be ‘home’. The entire city is clad in black, due to the anniversary of the passing of the king. I have a busy schedule ahead of me today, involving massages, over-sized macaroons, a bit of shopping, and some more massages. I hope I pass the fuck out on the massage bed cause I need some serious shut-eye.

Off for a quick saunter.