An Early January Recap

Markets are in full beast mode and people are feeling warm and fuzzy again. January 2018 has been like a gift from the stock market gods, sending the NASDAQ barreling higher damn near every single day. Naturally, not all stocks are treated equally and 99.99% of those gains were in tech, but that’s nothing new.

I made some changes to my portfolio and now find myself flush with cash, toiling about researching the next idea. I sold out of STX at $54.14, for a handsome win, not for any particular reason other than I was getting bored. I will probably regret this shortly as it rips straight to $100 without pause. At this point, however, they report earnings on Monday and there is more risk to the downside so I might as well lock in those gains and move on.

I sold SLCA on Thursday at $37.27, because it was being a little bitch. Here, a good 1.5 points lower, it’s actually looking quite attractive again. Perhaps I may get back in early next week – I need a good play on oil so I too can partake in the great oil boom of 2018. There is no better way to play oil than those good old American frackers.

I took some of those proceeds rolled into COHR, first at $276, then a bit more 10 points lower in the mid $265s. Lasers will play a role of paramount importance in our future human race and I will gladly catch the proverbial falling knife in COHR.

I also still own some DPW but may have to toss that out next week if it doesn’t get going. There’s too much going on and I don’t have time for underperformers.

My Waves position is small but slowly growing. I’ve ‘leased’ out the Waves I have and every time I check my account theres more in there. Plus sometimes, when I’m feeling a little giddy, I log into the Waves decentralized exchange and partake in a little crypto arbitrage. Crypto prices there trade at a good 15-20% above global market prices and all you need to do is wait for an outlier order to come through and snap it up. It’s cute and fun and becoming one of my favorite pastimes. You really should try it too.

All this may come to an end in February so it’s time to tread with caution. The markets may not fall apart, per se, but we will most definitely see some rotation. If forced to guess, I’d say oil would be a better bet than tech here.