AI Finds It’s Way Into Fashion, Pioneered By Zozotown

Most outside Japan have never heard of it but Zozotown is the AMZN of fashion there, offering everything and anything in the latest trends to folks all across Japan. Earlier today, they stepped up their game and unveiled the latest in AI fashion; a skin-tight suit that displays the measurements of the individual when worn. Behold, in all its greatness and splendor, the ZOZOSUIT.


The purpose of this suit is to not to climb walls or make yourself run faster. In fact, I can imagine it would be quite troublesome to move while wearing something as tight as that, with a big ass screen in the middle of your chest. Rather, this suit was built simply to calculate one’s body dimensions for those too lazy to use measuring tape. Interesting, but not revolutionary. The real opportunity here is in linking the results to the back end database, containing 10’s of thousands of brands.

As of now, they are handing these suits out to whoever wants them, like your local free paper, free of charge. Upon delivery of your Zozosuit, you will be forced, most likely at gunpoint, to download the app. The app links to the suit and once you wear it, the suit calculates your dimensions, which is then synced with the app. Once the app receives your dimensions, it will then proceed to recommend you clothes that fit you perfectly from their endless database of designer brands – a seamless process allowing you to shop with ease and convenience. Brilliant!

This is the equivalent of smart GOOGL ads in fashion.

We live in an age of big data and data is by far the most important asset any company can have. There are a million ways to cut and slice the data, with a million more applications for it. Take a look at your book of business and if your database is not up to par, you had better fix that fast.