A travelling entrepreneur writing down lessons and challenges learned on my journey. My time is mainly split between Thailand, Japan, and Western Canada, and on occasion, other parts of South East Asia and South Korea.

My travels in business have taken me to many countries, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, and the UAE (Dubai). I speak Japanese fluently, and Thai, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean at conversational level – skills of which has been indispensable to me and have played a vital role in understanding business culture and acquiring the necessary information to conduct business in those countries.

My business journey has taken me through many industries including finance, beauty & spa, food wholesale, outsourcing, and information technology. I see plenty of opportunity, particularly in this day and age, in bringing resources, technology, or know-how from one culture to another and will explore ideas here. I believe that maintaining a healthy body and giving back to society are also an important part of good business practice.

I also trade the US stock markets regularly and may write down any ideas or intuitive feelings I may have. I am by no means an expert investor and will not pretend to be, but am experienced enough to make a decent living trading & investing.

I am writing this as means of keeping a journal, something I have intended to do for some time now. My purpose is to help me push forward ideas, generate new ones, learn from past mistakes, and above all, improve my storytelling & communications skills.

Goals – August 2017