A Periodic Update And Other Topics Of Importance

It’s been ages since I’ve last posted here. Since then, crypto markets have imploded and the market cap of the overall space has been slashed by the tune of a couple hundred billion. And, I’ve also stopped caring.

I sold the remainder of my cryptos, my largest position being NEO, back at $32.50. In hindsight, that was a fortuitous move since if I hadn’t I would find myself on the receiving end of some egregious losses, being that it is trading around half that now. It was by no means a win, however, as I took steep losses on all of my positions, having started buying NEO as high as $100 and averaging down to $40, only to sell that shit out at $32.50. It served its purpose though as the arbitrage trades over the past few months more than made up for the losses.

I am by no means bearish on cryptocurrencies and am a big believer in decentralization. However, it is going to take months if not years before they begin to add value to the average, non-technically inclined human being, and til then it is impossible to value them. Being impossible to value means there is only one real level of support which is $0.00. It’s going to be dead money for the time being but sure as I am sitting here, the market will strengthen again when perhaps more DAPP projects mature and become widely used.

That said, I’m going to hold on to my LOC coins as my lottery ticket.

More importantly however, I’ve spent the last 3 months planning the launch of a new lingerie company – one that will be so grandiose and impressive it will put all other underwear makers to shame. As of today, the company is a incorporated in Japan – not the most ideal environment – but will be incorporated in Thailand as well before this calendar year is over. That will also mark the simultaneous launch of a consulting business, which is also part of the masterplan.

I am well aware that my actions may come across to you as directionless and unorganized, but take comfort in knowing that I could care less what you think, and will flaunt with pride my creation when the scattered pieces are carefully woven together. This plan will take not months but years to unfold, and for a very good reason.

In the meantime, I will keep my hobby of making bots that buy and sell financial assets like clockwork, since thats where my mind reverts to naturally. Speaking of which, I never got about to sharing my findings on the discretionary trading bot yet, which I will do – albeit that deserves a post on its own.