3 Month Review: Setting New Goals

3 months have passed since I started writing this blog and it is time to take stock of progress. During that time, I have witnessed website traffic grow by many multiples, creating a small base of readership to build on going forward. Truth be told, I could care less about that, as that is not the reason I write here. More importantly, my work life has undergone a multitude of changes, most of which have proven to be giant steps forward towards an opulent future filled with unfettered hedonism and debauchery.

The first Q of Asia-trade-diary for me was more than anything a means of testing the water in blogging. I set a goal on day 1 to post twice a week, which I have comfortably exceeded, and will raise that goal to 5 a week – a number I think I am achieving already. Other than that, no real goals were made other than to relocate and settle into Asia, which as of last week has effectively been completed.

In Bangkok, I have two main projects that I am focused on and allocate the lions share of my time. On one end, I advise a company dubbed MT, working with Japanese partners from Hokkaido. This business is involved in importing seafoods and other Japanese foods, including beers and stuff like that. The chances of this business being still in operation 12 months later are slim to none, and management is to blame, but we’re not quite there yet so there’s still hope. The other project is a pharmaceutical business, involving a much larger budget, along with considerably more intelligent partners. This project is far more exciting and I am infinitely more optimistic about its potential. It is currently in the process of being bought out by a Burmese company, which should close sometime in the next month or so. That is when things will get real interesting, as we are preparing the launch of new products into Myanmar – a venture I will be leading.

In my managed accounts, I have bought and sold a number of stocks, with some wins and some losses. My theme initially of allocating a portion of the portfolio to AMZN was correct in hindsight, albeit I executed poorly and sold before I saw any upside. On the other hand, I like the idea of staying focused on big dividend paying stocks and have the portfolio concentrated in one stock right now: PEGI. I started buying this bastard of a stock at $26, and since then have averaged down as the share price plunged lower, taking egregious punches to the scrotum in the process. In hindsight, my timing was absolute shit, but I was able to buy shares as low as $20.85, bringing my average cost down to the $23’s. I don’t intend on ever selling this and will still be receiving dividends many decades later.

Going forward, I foresee doing a lot more management, which entails precise communication and being more extroverted. Little by little, I will get there, with my reversed attitude towards strangers, along with this blog serving as part of the masterplan.

First and foremost, my primary goal over the next 3 months is to create and launch a new product, from start to finish. This entails presentations to partners, working with the FDA for registration, sourcing suppliers, sourcing OEMs, and creating a new brand. The details of that will be discussed later, but just know that I am feeling giddy as a schoolgirl, since the team I have before me is nothing short of impressive.

In addition to that, it is time to develop a new habit. Effective immediately, I will dedicate one day a week to the pursuit of education – nothing formal but towards studies of interest – AI, IOT, Machine learning, big data, the block chain – there are new developments being made on a daily basis and I need to be on top of my game. One day, I will tie all of that into a project and make a king’s ransom – that’s where the big money is nowadays.